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For Sporty & Spiritual Entrepreneurs!




create a high performing laptop lifestyle business! 
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Founded by Jacqueline pigdon, australian rowing champion & award winning entrepreneur

Are you...

  • A High Performing Business Owner

  • In your 40's 

  • Who has a sporting background

  • A team between 4 - 40 employees or maybe you're on your own and need someone committed to you and your goals

  • You have been very successful in your industry, but know you have more potential than you're currently utilising 

  • You would like to lead a high performing team to give you your time back

  • To do more of what you really want (and figure out exactly what that is!)

  • To create more freedom, flexibility and fun in each area of your life

  • And ultimately gain greater fulfillment and peace within, while you go out and make an even bigger difference in the world today, doing what you love and were born to do! 



Jacqueline Pigdon, is an Australian rowing champion, spiritual life & business coach, Talent & Wealth Dynamics Performance Consultant, author, speaker and award winning entrepreneur!

Jacqueline specialises in coaching high performing business owners who are looking for more meaning in their lives, to embark upon a new and exciting path, to make a bigger difference in the world through what they do and to ultimately reach their full potential in their personal life and their business.

Beginning her career in corporate IT and as an elite sports person Jacqueline knows firsthand how to achieve goals, make a successful and fulfilling career transition and grow a business doing what you love!

Jacqueline has extensive experience coaching over the past decade in the following industries; Information Technology, Financial Services, Sports, Recruitment and Creative Arts.

With a passion for living the laptop lifestyle and designing your own life, filled with freedom, flexibility and fun, Jacqueline has experience coaching clients in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Dubai and the USA.

On the entrepreneurial journey, we come to limits in our performance that we need to breakthrough.

This can not only show up in your results, but also in your feelings.


Where you feel frustrated that you’re not getting to your goals fast enough and you feel stuck in a re-occurring pattern.

High performance is no better understood than in sports science.


Which means that one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to really learn high performance is to learn from high performance sports.

If you understand this, then you’re ready for an Olympic standard business!


ready to get started?

Belle Lockerby



“If you believe in investing, then I highly recommend investing in yourself and your business on a High Performers on Purpose program! 


Having Jacqueline as your very own spiritual life and business coach for you and your team, you will get so much more in return than you thought possible."

Raymond Aaron 


new york times best selling author

“Jacqueline's High Performance Programs will open your eyes and help you to look within yourself for your answers to your most pressing questions about your life and business and leave you wishing you had only discovered this brilliant and insightful guidance from Jacqueline sooner.”

Janene fulton



"Jacqueline is fantastic to talk to as she makes you extremely comfortable even when she talks to you about the most confronting issues.

I highly recommend High Performers on Purpose and I am sure you will agree once they come into your life and you excel from the benefits they teach you and bring out in you."

become a champion

and champion your cause

Join The Championship Circle

become a champion

and champion your cause

Join The Championship Circle

1. To be in a constant state of self mastery
2. To advocate your cause, join a movement and shine a light on something in the world that is most meaningful to you.

For me it's supporting the United Nations global goal of 'Peace'.

your business is a reflection of whats going on inside of you!


Train your MIND like you do your BODY


'Entrepreneurial Athlete'

in your business today!